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Get Serious About Your Rug Sales!!


With over 30 years of experience in the Rug Display Industry, we specialize in workmanship of metal fabrication for the domestic and commercial markets. Displays of Dalton is recognized as the #1 company for rug rack display fixtures in the world for quality assured retail-display products with superior customer service. Our products are the top-tier for use in your showroom or department store, and are built to last a lifetime! We have manufactured rug racks for companies all across the globe, including all of North and South America, Europe, Africa, and Asia. We have custom-designed the largest display fixtures in the market!


We specialize in:

Rug Displays

Carpet Displays

Pillow Displays

Tile Displays

Sofa Displays

Vinyl Displays

Display Lighting Fixtures

Rug Clips

...and More!

If you have a need for a metal display setup for any occasion, we can design it for you or we can use your drawing schematics to customize any featured showcase display system for you! 


We take pride in fulfilling every customer's needs and we love creating new and original products every day!


Need Professional Installation? Displays of Dalton knows how to do it!


If you want the best that's out there alongside the most affordable prices anywhere, then look no further! Displays of Dalton is your one-stop shop for all your rug rack display needs. 


Our Services Include

Design Versatility - In House Production - Complete Customization - 

Lifetime Guarantee - Accessories Available - Professional Installation

9x12 Combo on Display
8 x 11 40 Arm Combo With Lights & Rugs
Rug Racks
Rug Rack
Rug Rack
Rug Rack
Carpet Display
Pillow Display
Rug Rack
Rug Rack
Pillow Display
Multi-purpose display
Double Sidded Ladder Rack With Pillow Shelving 2
Cable Rug Rack
Ladder Rack
Superior Quality Products 
 Satisfaction Guaranteed
Professional Installation

We also have a unique selection of hand-made furniture and antiques for SALE! - Click this link to view our store on Etsy - One of a Kind 

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